Careers Support for Human Resource Professionals

Alistair Stirling of Stirling Careers Consultancy offers support to Human Resource (HR) professionals at different stages in their careers.

Whether you are an:

  • HR student
  • An HR professional early in your career
  • An established HR professional looking to move up to a managerial or senior role


How Stirling Careers Consultancy can help you.

Are you an HR student?

What help might you need?

You may need help to decide what sector you would like to work in or what kind of organisation you want to work in.

How Stirling Careers Consultancy can help you

We can offer help with:

  • Decision making
  • Help with job search
  • Help with CVs
  • Help with interview techniques
  • Role play for interviews
  • Help with onboarding to your new organisation, being an impartial and independent ‘sounding board’.


Are you an HR Professional Early in your Career?

Where do you want to go?

  • Do you want to stay in the same organisation and work your way up?
  • Move to a similar organisation
  • Move to a completely different organisation / sector


Do you need help with?

  • Your confidence to help you prepare for the next step up
  • Giving you confidence in your own abilities
  • Working out how to move to a new organisation?


How Stirling Careers Consultancy can help

How can we help build a person’s confidence? 

  • Help with looking at / identifying your skills and abilities
  • Discussing your previous achievements
  • Discussing strategies which will help you build career confidence


Are you established in the HR Profession and looking to move up to a managerial role or senior role?

How Stirling Careers Consultancy can help

We offer one to one career coaching sessions to help you prepare and make the transition to a managerial role or senior role

From time to time Stirling Careers Consultancy runs a range of workshops.

These include:

  • Career planning workshops
  • Career transition workshops

For a Free informal chat please call Alistair Stirling on 0790 461 4946

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We look forward to helping you take the next step in your career.