Careers Support for over 45/50s

Stirling Careers Consultancy works with organisations who work with unemployed 45/ 50 plus clients.  Stirling Careers Consultancy  helps them become more effective in dealing with the 45+ helping them back into employment and helping them identify their options.


Statistics from the (Labour Market Statistics, ONS, and January 2013) show that one in three people over 50 who lose their jobs struggle to return to the labour market.  Also, those who are out of work struggle to re-enter the labour market.  Stirling Careers Consultancy offers a one / two day workshop(s) to train your staff to work with those who are far from the job market and those who are job ready and help these people move forward.

The objectives of the course for training those who are working with those furthest away from the job market

  • Engage with older customers so that they are more receptive to the services provided
  • Work with challenging over 50s
  • Understanding the key ways of motivating older workers
  • Be more effective in moving them closer to the labour market 
  • Identify real and perceived barriers


The objectives of the course for those who are working with those who are job ready and helping them into employment:

  • Engage with participants who are closest to the labour market
  • Develop and maintain their confidence
  • Work with and develop effective job search strategies to find sustainable employment
  • Understand the modern labour market
  • Become more effective in achieving job outcomes for 50 plus customers
  • Identify the benefits of employing older workers and age friendly employers

Stirling Careers Consultancy works with organisations, such as housing associations, to provide tailor-made programmes.


For further information, please contact Stirling Careers Consultancy:

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